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Dragon is a tubby little dragon with a particular liking for chocolate biscuits in orange juice drenched in tomato ketchup. He's a thoroughly cheerful little chap, insatiably curious about the world around him. Dragon lives in a colourful house, and the door is always open so friends such as the postmouse can drop in now and then with helpful advice.

While Dragon is a friendly and very helpful little creature, he also tends to be rather naive. He is fond of taking everything people say literally, and he tends to see things from a different perspective to most of us. This is when lots of things go wrong - leaving the dragon to fend for himself in the end. In fact, it is precisely Dragon's impartial, direct approach that creates the comic potential here - which lends a special quality to the character and the stories.

Dragon's stories are taken from children's everyday lives. He experiences Christmas and carnival time, he gets hungry and goes shopping; he even adopts a big fat cat and takes it home. But whatever experiences he goes through, Dragon makes every day somehow special.