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Michelangelo Superstar

The creation of Adam and Eve, their expulsion from paradise, the flood, the burning of Savonarola - Michelangelo’s work is full of apocalyptic fantasies and impressive motifs. As young artist, he was fascinated by tragic stories, fascinated by guilt and atonement, crime and punishment. His own life was no less tragic and fascinating. We will get to know Michelangelo the man: his visions and anxieties, his rages, his ambition and his self-doubt. We will enter into his obsessive dedication to his work – the dedication of one who devotes his life to his art without any kind of compromise. But not all the legends about his life are true...

The film uses flashbacks to move through Michelangelo’s past, showing his years of apprenticeship in Florence, his help in restoring the group of antique Laokoon statues, his first primitive studio and his constant artistic rivalry with Raphael.

The viewer is brought closer to Michelangelo, his motives and reasoning until, finally, after experiencing despair and rage, fear and pride, and the powerful visions of this exceptional artist, he identifies with him.

The film quotes from the chronicles, shows the original locations as references for Michelangelo’s works and reconstructs scenes from his life. Documentary passages alternate with archive material, re-enactments, computer animation and live action / CGI compositing. From wide shots to close-up details, the camera swoops breath-takingly through a 1:6 model of the Sistine Chapel, built with the aid of photo-mapping, while the scaffolding and chapel ceiling were also reconstructed to scale in the studio.

The viewer observes Michelangelo at work in his eyrie, high above the chapel floor. Camera movements and CGIs are synchronised with motion control.