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Cash or Trash

Ever wondered how much you could get for that dusty relic in the attic? "Cash or Trash" is the hugely popular daily show that uncovers the price of the public’s treasures and hidden heirlooms.

In each episode, owners become sellers looking to get the highest price for their items from the panel of dealers. Will these amateur sellers go home with cash or will it just be trash? It is the rummage show allowing everybody to make bank. A well-known host and his team of antique experts stand by to examine everybody’s treasures and learn about their stories. The Dealer Card grants owners of valuable objects the right to a direct sell to 5 professional dealers. The story is what determines the price, and, with some nifty bargaining, some trash can be turned into lots of cash. Lots of treasures, cut-throat bargaining, complete with laughter — "Cash or Trash" offers all of that.