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What a Team!Woman in red (eps. 55)

The love-making of a just-married couple is interrupted when blood drips from the ceiling onto their bed. Their landlord Uwe Seifert has been stabbed to death in his apartment. Seifert lived alone, after his daughter Sabrina recently moved out. In his apartment the police find the fingerprints of Werner Milatowski, who is certainly no stranger to them. Ten years earlier, Milatowski and an accomplice had raided an armored vehicle and got away with 2.6 million euros, shooting and killing a man in the process. He has just been released and has disappeared without trace. Was Seifert his partner in crime? Is Milatowski after his share of the spoils? In the course of their investigation, the team becomes interested in a mysterious man, Cornelius Wecker, who has been spotted snooping around in the victim’s milieu. Wecker works for the insurance company that had insured the money transport. He has been tailing Milatowski since his release from prison and has allegedly lost the trail. Wecker is quite possibly now working on his own. Verena Berthold comforts the distraught 18-year-old daughter Sabrina, helped by Maria Bundgaard, a German with a Danish passport, who had met the victim some weeks earlier. The team finds out that shortly before he died Seifert had been visited by a woman wearing a red dress. Who is this mysterious woman? Can she shed light on Seifert’s death, or might she even be his killer? 


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UFA Fiction
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