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Queens of TroubleLies that come from the Heart

Helpful and ingenious – Hanna lets herself be used by family and friends, and gladly so. A professional challenge, however, forces her out of her comfort zone. Her new boss asks for a cover story about online dating, to be delivered in five days. Creative research is what is needed now. With a bogus profile, Hanna logs on to a jogging app and falls in love with "Boris78", who is none other than her boss.

"Are you mad?!" Hanna’s feelings about her new boss Adam Birnbaum swing range from anger to horror. Transparency! Find other perspectives! Completely new team and work structures! And then the request for the cover story! He wants to open the next issue with "Dating 2.0" and, of all people, Hanna should write the story about it. The topic is at least as foreign to her as Birnbaum's "transparent" approach.

Hanna just doesn’t have time for dating. Job, family and girlfriends are demanding enough. She has to push her brother Philipp through his exams, which is made all the more difficult by his new flame; the hollow-cheeked, black-clothed anarchic queen Helena. It goes without saying that she always babysits for her sister Toni, so that she can at least get a few minutes of sleep. Her mother Keilash relies on Hanna to support the small family, while she is on a search for her inner self. Even her friends mercilessly use Hanna’s readiness to help.

When her research on classic dating sites fails to yield compelling results, she tries her luck on hobby sites. She bravely designs her profile as wiry marathon runner, although she is far from athletic. The profile is a success. „Boris78“ writes her, and an intense chat friendship begins to bloom.

When Hanna goes to their first rendezvous with a pounding heart, she faces a terrifying surprise. „Boris 78“ turns out to be her boss Adam Birnbaum. She escapes the bar and tries to find a way out of the affair. But the longer she waits, the worse it gets, because Birnbaum is a truth fanatic. When it all goes up in flames, a lot of hurt is done. Birnbaum is deeply disappointed. Everything seems lost. Hanna quits her job. As a farewell, she presents him with a very honest cover story, which does not leave him unaffected.


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1 × 90′
Produced by
U5 Filmproduktion, Producers at Work
Katharina Wackernagel, Inez Bjørg David, Jannek Rieke, Roman Knižka, Bernd Christian Althoff, Eleonore Weisgerber a. o.
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