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Never the same again

Tomas feels deeply betrayed by his wife Nike when he finds out his son is not “his” son. His wounded ego lashes out and threatens to ruin everything.

In his pain, he severs all familiar and economic ties with archaic brutality. When his son Milan runs away to find his biological father, Tomas and Nike are forced to confront uncomfortable truths together.

Tomas and Nike have been running a music bar for a number of years. While Nike is ambitiously branching out into new areas, Tomas is happy in his role as husband, self-made barman and especially as a father. Their son Milan is 16 years old. When Nike is away on a training once again, the two men make themselves comfortable at home on the couch with pizza, videogames and beer. Until Tomas discovers something that will change their lives forever: While searching for some documents in the basement, he comes across Nike’s maternity card, which had supposedly gone lost. It contains Milan’s date of conception, a month earlier than the date Nike had given to him at the time. Tomas starts to feel an unprecedented sense of doubt. Did Nike cheat on him back then? Tomas' suspicions turn into bitter reality.


1 × 90′
Produced by
Hager Moss Film
Fritz Karl, Christiane Paul, Matti Schmidt-Schaller, Michael Wittenborn, Jan Messutat, Amanda da Gloria, Luise von Finckh a. o.
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