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WhiteoutPart 2

Toni immediately realises the seriousness of the situation and tries to contact Stanley. She gets through on the landline, but their conversation is abruptly curtailed when Elton cuts they phone line outside the family house. Meanwhile Kit creeps back into his room and pretends he has been at home the whole time. The three unscrupulous gangsters, who are quite prepared to resort to violence, knock at the door and claim to be travelers who got stuck in a snowstorm and need somewhere to take shelter. Stanley is hospitable enough to welcome them into his home, but it isn't long before he begins to doubt whether Nigel, Daisy and Elton really are just harmless people on the way through the area. When Kit's sister Olga openly tells the three of them that she suspects their story, the situation quickly escalates: the criminals take the family hostage in their own home, using whatever force is necessary. There is now no way of making contact with the outside world; the snowstorm is raging outside, and there is no reception for mobile phones in this remote country house. There is only one place where it's possible to make a call on a mobile, on the top of cliffs at the edge of the property, far from the house itself. But there is no way of getting there. An attempt to escape is suppressed with ruthless violence, and it is clear that the family has no chance against the armed criminals. During the struggle Kit reveals his true colors, and Stanley is forced to accept the agonising truth that his own son betrayed him and his family.

Meanwhile, despite the extreme weather conditions, Toni is attempting to follow the trail of the gangsters, and it soon becomes clear to her that they must have sought refuge from the storm on the Oxenford property. She makes her way there, to help Stanley and his family, and to inform him about the theft of the virus: she didn't have time to do this before her phone call with Stanley was broken off. Despite the precarious situation Toni manages to slip into the house without the gangsters noticing and make use of Kit’s satellite telephone. She calls her friend Odette at the British Anti-Terrorist Centre and tells her what’s happened. However, the terrible weather makes it impossible for Odette to send any help: a Special Forces unit is standing by, but for the moment Toni is on her own.

The younger children are sleeping in the guesthouse on the Oxenford property, and it is here that Toni has her first violent encounter with one of the criminals. Meanwhile Sophia and Craig, two teenagers in love, have hidden in the garage in a desperate attempt to save themselves. When the violent Daisy discovers them here, Craig starts his grandfather's car and runs her over. In the main house, meanwhile, the situation between Nigel and Toni escalates. They're both armed, but Nigel has a trump up his sleeve: Kit. He now has nothing left to lose and threatens to spray the deadly virus from the perfume atomiser he is clutching in his hand...


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