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Roads to Happiness - Traces in the SandEpisode 3

Maja and Markus see each other again for the first time in 18 years and instantly the old feelings of intimacy return. Markus is able to open up and he tells Maja about Alexandra’s infidelity. When Maja finds out that Greta, who was once her best friend, has also returned to Nordersund, she is delighted, but she is also surprised to hear about her engagement to Robert. Maja and Greta meet and Greta gushes over Robert, which revives old feelings in Maja. She remembers their first kiss. When the friends plan to meet up, Robert cancels at the last minute and Maja is disappointed. But suddenly he is standing right in front of her…

The meeting with Kilian at her parents' grave unsettles Greta deeply. Suddenly she doubts Robert’s feelings and begins to question their spontaneous engagement. Robert is able to calm her down and assures her of their shared future. However, when Robert learns that Maja is back in town, he reacts very emotionally and pulls back. He, too, remembers the kiss they once exchanged and now feels uncertain. When Greta organises a meal for the friends, he decides that he cannot face Maja and cancels. But his curiosity wins out in the end – and he sees Maja again for the first time in 18 years…

Alexandra reaches out to Markus. She offers to continue working at his surgery until he finds a new doctor’s assistant. Markus sees a glimmer of hope. He thinks his marriage has a chance of surviving and redoubles his effort to rebuild a good relationship with Alexandra. But when he tries to go further, Alexandra suddenly stonewalls him – and turns to Sven once again…


1 × 43′
Produced by
GrundyUFA TV Productions GmbH
Andrea Cleven, Florian Thunemann, Greta Galisch de Palma, Simon Licht u. a.
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