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Roads to Happiness - Traces in the SandEpisode 2

Maja is in an agitated state when she sees the Northern Lights at the beach. She can't help but think about Robert, with whom she once witnessed the very same natural spectacle. But she suppresses her emotions and shows Arthur her hometown. After many years, she meets Ulla and Bernd Sieverstedt again, who were once like parents to her when her own family broke apart. The reunion throws Maja into emotional turmoil, but Arthur is able to calm her down. His calmness gives Maja the strength to face her past and she tells him about the trauma of her childhood: the catastrophic flood of Nordersund…

Greta spends an uneasy first night at the Ahlsens’ house. Robert’s mother Senta, in particular, is making her feel like an outsider who does not fit into the long-established family. Senta just can’t stop making digs at Greta. In her view, Greta is not worthy of becoming a real Ahlsen. That night, Greta dreams about the terrible disaster of 18 years ago, in which her parents lost their lives. Very shaken, she goes to the cemetery to visit their graves, but there she meets Robert’s stepbrother Kilian, who starts sowing the seeds of doubt about her return and her engagement to Robert…

Markus and Alexandra are struggling to deal with each other since the truth about Alexandra’s affair has come out. Markus takes the first step and lets his wife know that he is willing to forgive her, but Alexandra is unable to accept his offer. She confesses to Markus that she has stronger feelings for Sven. But when she wants to move in with Sven, he lets her know that he doesn’t want a serious relationship with her and shows her the door. In the meantime, Markus has also decided that he can’t continue living with Alexandra like this…


1 × 43′
Produced by
GrundyUFA TV Productions GmbH
Andrea Cleven, Florian Thunemann, Greta Galisch de Palma, Simon Licht u. a.
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