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Roads to Happiness - Traces in the SandEpisode 1

While packing the suitcases for a vacation with her partner, Arthur Groth, Maja Iversen finds an engagement ring. She can hardly wait to get going, but when Maja finds out the destination of their trip, her emotions are in turmoil: Arthur is taking her back to her hometown, Nordersund. Martha experienced a tragic disaster there as a young girl – and hasn’t returned since. When they arrive in Nordersund, Maja is transported back into her past. Wistfully she recalls the happy times with her parents, her friends Greta and Markus and, above all, her feelings for the flame of her youth, Robert. When Maja shows Arthur the sites of her childhood and the two of them climb the lighthouse of Nordersund, Arthur surprises Maja by proposing to her...

In a hotel in Frankfurt, Robert Ahlsen and Greta Sandacker suddenly find themselves face to face. They were close friends when they were children. When they meet again after 18 years, their old feelings of affection are revived. Robert and Greta spend the evening recounting their past to one another – until their reawakened intimacy turns into a passionate encounter. The next morning, Robert and Greta are so swept away by their reunion that Robert proposes to Greta. Together they return to Nordersund, where they surprise Robert’s family with the news of their engagement. But not all members of the Ahlsen family share in the joy of the two lovers...

Doctor Markus Overbeck and his wife Alexandra run a surgery together in Nordersund. But when Markus catches Alexandra red-handed with his patient Sven Hoffman, his whole world collapses. He is shocked to discover that this wasn't simply a single episode, but that Alexandra has been having an affair with Sven for a year...


1 × 43′
Produced by
GrundyUFA TV Productions GmbH
Andrea Cleven, Florian Thunemann, Greta Galisch de Palma, Simon Licht u. a.
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