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Alisa – Follow Your HeartAlisa – Follow Your Heart – 3

Alisa saves Tamara's life at the last minute. But while Alisa is getting help, Caro is passing herself off as the alleged rescuer. When Alisa comes back to the lake, everyone has left. Wet and miserable, she goes to see her new friend Mona, who runs the Italian café "Mona Lisa."

The tension between Tamara and her mother Liliana grows deeper when Tamara brings up her mother's irrational fear of the water – the reason why she has never let Tamara learn how to swim. Liliana makes some concessions, but then breaks down under the emotional stress.

Mona makes it clear to one and all that Alisa, and not Caro, saved Tamara from drowning. Christian gratefully hugs Alisa, inadvertently plunging her into a troubling, but sweet, confusion of the senses. Hadn't she firmly resolved not to fall in love again? When Christian sends her a cellphone to replace the one she lost during Tamara's rescue, Alisa decides to thank him personally.
Since Jonas has lost all his money, he cannot redeem Alisa's crystal pendant from Robert Brinkmann, the sweet-natured but quirky antique dealer. He tries to steal it, but Robert catches him and is about to call the police.

After speaking with Christian, Alisa is dismayed to see that her car has been towed away from the company parking lot of the "Castellhoff Optical Works" – at the request of Christian's fiancée Ellen. As she points out that it is her reserved parking space, Ellen makes it provocatively clear that not only the parking space is hers...


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