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Veterenarian Dr. EngelA Matter of Life and Death

Veterinarian Dr. Quirin Engel takes over a vacant practice in the small Bavarian village of Hinterskreuth. He won’t have an easy start. There have been cases of ecoli desease in the area and doctor Ann-Marie Polenz asks Quirin Engel for help as the authorities try to cover up the risks. Quirin detects the bacteria in the milk of the powerful farmer Joseph Hallhuber. Hallhuber is so angry about this that - together with a group of farmers - he decides to teach the new veteriniarian a lesson. The attack didn’t hit Quirin but his friend Jaco who gets injured. As Jaco can’t participate in the upcoming motorcycle event because of it, Qurin has to cover for him.

Hallhuber’s granddaughter, little Miriam, suddenly falls ill. She drank unpasteurised milk. Thanks to Quirin Engel’s and Ann-Marie Polenz’ swift action Mariam survives. Hallhuber has to be grateful to Quirin whether he likes him or not.

Quirin also has to make a fresh start in his private life. His wife Angelika wants to devorce him. Angelika runs a pharmacy close to the small town of Hinterskreuth. Their two children Anja and Sebastian are suffering from their parents’ separation and are excited about their father’s new and adventurous life. Especially the dog, Dr. Knoll, Qurin saved after a car accident becomes dear to their heart. They also love the animal shelter run by Marlies Goll where Quirin treats a little tiger. Gerlinde, Quirin’s mother in law, is taking his side. She helps him renovating and supports him until he’s found a receptionist. It almost seems as if Angelika and Quirin could getback together because of their separation. One evening they even end up in bed. But the next morning Angelika asks Quirin to leave before the children wake up. Anja and Sebastian make plans to run away to get their parents back together. At least they have achieved to be allowed to visit their father in Hinterskreuth any time they like.


1 × 45′
Produced by
Odeon Film GmbH, Novafilm Otto Meissner KG
Wolfgang Fierek, Veronika Fitz, Susanne Czepl, Gregor Bloéb a. o.
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