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Mountain MedicAt the Crossroads

Suddenly Dr. Martin Gruber discovers he is the father of an 11-year-old girl! When he heard the news from Dr Melchinger, Martin was deeply shaken. Just before she died Sonja confided in the old doctor that in fact Martin is the father of Lilli, not her husband Hans. Martin remains in Ellmau and tells his brother the devastating news. The two brothers are soon embroiled in a furious argument, which Lilli happens to overhear. Shortly afterwards it is established that Lilli and the boy next door, Lorenz, have vanished. Martin and Hans are forced to forget their differences and set out with the mountain rescue service to look for the two youngsters. Up in the mountains Lilli has twisted her ankle, and she sends Lorenz down into the valley to get help. But now a storm comes up, and he falls. Shortly afterwards he is found, unconscious, but there is no trace of Lilli. Lorenz is the only one who knows where Lilli sought shelter, but the blow to his head has rendered him unable to speak. While Hans sets out to search desperately for his daughter, Martin tries to help Lorenz recover the power of speech, so he can tell them where Lilli is hiding. Meanwhile Lilli herself, in terrible pain and suffering from the cold, is getting weaker and weaker. Just as Martin begins to make progress with Lorenz, the boy starts to suffer from complications …


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