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Ku'damm 59

Written by acclaimed author and creative producer Annette Hess, the sequel to the successful three-part mini-series Ku’damm 56 keeps its focus on the image of contemporary women during the time of the Wirtschaftswunder and plenty of rock’n roll.

We return to the Schöllack family three years later in Berlin, where matriarch Caterina Schöllack (Claudia Michelsen), the proprietor of a dance school, lives with her three very different daughters, who are searching for their identity on the brink of a new era of female empowerment.

Monika (iEmmy nominee Sonja Gerhardt) is pursuing a career as a musician and dancer with Freddy (Trystan Pütter), but her conservative mother, who is also their manager, rarely leaves her side. It appears that Monika is on her own path, but she’s not happy. She wishes nothing more than to win back custody of her daughter, Dorli, who is living with her sister Helga.

Meanwhile, Helga (Maria Ehrich) has come to terms with her husband Wolfgang’s (August Wittgenstein) homosexuality and is trying to be a good mother, but her bourgeois life is put to the test once more when she discovers that Wolfgang is having an affair.

Eva (Emilia Schüle) by contrast, rebels against the patriarchal behavior of her older husband Prof. Fassbender (Heino Ferch). Their marriage has yet to produce a child, and Eva feels unable to live up to her role as a professor’s wife.

When Monika’s career begins to unravel, she makes the bold decision to seek a different future for herself and her daughter Dorli — and once again turns everyone’s life upside down.

From today’s perspective, the 50s may seem far away. The explosion of the #MeToo movement demonstrates, however, that even today men and women are not equal members of society.


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3 × 90′
Produced by
UFA Fiction for ZDF and ZDF Enterprises
Claudia Michelsen, Sonja Gerhardt, Maria Ehrich, Emilia Schüle, Trystan Pütter, Sabin Tambrea, August Wittgenstein, Heino Ferch, Ulrich Noethen a. o.
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