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Tempeleps. 2

Mark tries to cheer up Sandra and Juni and to tidy up the flat. But the mood is tense. Jakob calls and wants Mark to help in the boxing club. But Mark has to look after Ms Lada first, who is also threatened by the eviction mafia. He also buys a new violin for his daughter Juni. When he finally arrives at the boxing club, he faces a particular challenge. A burglar set Natascha’s room on fire. While Mark is looking after panicky Natascha and the upset visitors of the brothel, Jakob’s men capture arsonist Goran. Mark is called into Jakob’s office to patch up the heavily bleeding Goran before Jakob and his son Adrian continue interrogating him. They want Goran to give away the names of his bosses because Jakob wants to know who is trying to push him out of the club. But as Mark wants to help Goran, the situation escalates. Sandra wants to go to work in the travel agency but the lift isn’t working again. As she is paralysed and needs a wheelchair, she can’t take the stairs and asks Mehmet who’s hanging out with friends in the hall to carry her down the stairs. This leads to a little flirt fuelled by genuine attraction. Juni skips school and meets with her friend Sami. They need to talk because Juni is pregnant and she doesn’t know how to tell her parents.


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1 × 30′
Produced by
Ken Duken, Chiara Schoras, Thomas Thieme, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Antje Traue, Michelle Barthel, Hiltrud Hauschke, Maximilian Brauer, Arnel Taci, Frederick Lau a. o.
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