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Balaton Residenceeps. 2

After reaching Lake Balaton, Kirsten is less fearful of the corrupting influence of the West on her daughters and more because of an old secret threatening to resurface on the sunny shores of the lake: There’s one thing that nobody knows except Kirsten – Karl is not Catrin’s biological father. Kirsten’s old flame, Erik, escaped East Germany decades ago, and he’s now holidaying at Lake Balaton as well – on the same camping site – so he can finally see his daughter again. Kirsten sets out to do everything she can to keep up the precarious emotional tightrope act she has been defending for years. Suddenly there she is, face-to-face with her childhood sweetheart with very mixed emotions; she realises that this encounter may throw her life into complete turmoil. Meanwhile, Maja and Catrin have dived into their new romances – Catrin has given in to the flirtations of her camping site neighbour Rudi, and Maja has been seducing Hungarian hotel proprietor Tamás. Both of these men have their secrets, however – Tamás organises escapes to the West on the sly, whereas Rudi’s loyalties are to the Party – a secret agent in the Balaton Brigade, he sees his chance in finally busting “honest” Tamás the hotelier. A friend’s escape attempt to the West ends in tragedy with Stasi agents lying in wait to snag the next enemy of the people, finally destroying the initial carefree holiday spirits of the two girls. Ever loyal, Catrin sees Maja’s actions as betrayal, leaving a significant tear in what was once a harmonious relationship between the two sisters.


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1 × 90′
Produced by
Seven Dogs Filmproduktion
Cornelia Gröschel, Sonja Gerhardt, Anja Kling, Götz Schubert, Franz Dinda, Stipe Erceg, Alice Dwyer a.o.
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