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Thicker Than WaterSeason 2 – eps. 1

Winter is here and two months has passed since the end of season one. The Waldemar siblings are scattered in the wind and only Oskar has remained put at the Waldemar boarding house. Lasse returns from Stockholm and finds Oskar all alone and miserable, a mere shadow of his former self. Nothing is prepared for the oncoming Christmas-season and Liv hasn’t returned from abroad. Oskar is not sure she will ever come back. Together with Jonna who has returned from London, Lasse tries to get everything back in shape - both Oskar and the boarding house, but conflicts soon arise. Oskar has in his loneliness and misery started a sexual relationship with his best friend, the priest Petra. He must keep it a secret, but Jonna soon finds out. Jonna takes charge of the preparations, but her grand visions demand more money than they got and the inheritance is locked up in the boarding house. Lasse has a different agenda altogether, despite his promise to Jonna not to mess things up again. His criminal past catches up with him when he is forced to meet a boat, taking care of a certain ”package”. When the night of the rendezvous arrives, the coast and the boarding house is hit by a terrible winter storm. A red flare is seen in the night sky. Lasse ignores the warnings and heads out into the storm, while Oskar and Jonna tries to barricade the house. When Lasse finally gets to the boat in distress he finds it abandoned. In the cabin he finds a bag full of money and fresh traces of blood. To cover up the evidence, he grabs the bag and sets the boat on fire. In the mean time a wounded man is seen crawling ashore.


1 × 60′
Produced by
Björn Bengtsson, Joel Spira, Aliette Opheim, Tobias Zilliacus, Stina Ekblad, a. o.