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The Two Professionals

Chief Inspector Bernd Krallert from the Cologne CID has absolutely no idea that his whole life is about to be thrust into turmoil. As part of an international police exchange programme the talented Japanese detective Ushiro Sato turns up at the city on the Rhine, and Krallert finds himself welcoming his new partner not only into his office but also into his house. Yes, Krallert's home life is also turned upside down, since Sato is to move in without delay... and more or less become one of the family.

So everybody involved is faced with huge challenges. Krallert's normal, middle-class family has to overcome an inevitable scepticism and display some genuine hospitality, Krallert himself has to swallow his misgivings and accept the very idea of German-Japanese teamwork on his home territory, and Sato has to forge a number of links, in his professional life and in a culture that is very alien to him.

Originally intended as a provisional arrangement, to the surprise of many of those involved this partnership develops into a genuine dream-team, on both a personal and a professional level. Perhaps it is not so odd that these two strong characters reach this stage - as the Japanese proverb has it: 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'.

"Two Professionals" combines the suspense and excitement of a detective series with the emotion and everyday humour of a family series - and the result is television entertainment for all ages.

With an appealing atmosphere, sparkling wit, snappy dialogue, entertaining juxtapositions and thrilling stories, "Two Professionals" manages to bridge the gap between east and west, old and young, families and single viewers.

Each episode revolves around a criminal case, and the viewer can look forward to a spectacular, unusual or startling resolution. At the same time, the investigation is set against the background of turbulent family life, where helping each other in the small but important things of life is what really matters.