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The Team - Reloaded

From the internationally renowned, Emmy Award-winning creators of Season 1, Peter Thorsboe and Mai Brostrøm, The Team Reloaded features a new group of investigators - Danish detective Nelly Winther (Marie Bach Hansen), Germany’s Gregor Weiss (Jürgen Vogel) and Belgium’s Paula Liekens (Lynn van Royen) – who join forces to solve a multiple homicide linked to the international art world and terrorist financing.

The Team - Reloaded unfolds in a world in which Europe is more financially interconnected with IS and other terror organizations than we ever thought. The sale of illegal art, second only to that of drugs and human trafficking, is among the most lucrative sources of income for terrorist organizations. Against this backdrop, a new European police investigative team is formed. Its members are Danish Police Commissioner Nelly Winther, head of the human trafficking section of the Hamburg police, Gregor Weiss, and terrorism specialist Paula Liekens of the Belgian secret service. Together, the three must solve a multiple homicide committed at “Marsh Farm,” a hideout for illegals, close to the border between Denmark and Germany.


  • New
8 × 60′
4 × 110′
Produced by
Network Movie in coproduction with Lunanime, Nordisk Film, Superfilm and C-Films, and in association with ZDF, DR, VTM a. o.
Jürgen Vogel, Marie Bach Hansen, Lynn van Royen a. o.