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The Rosenheim CopsDying twice, you're dead for real, Season 12 - (eps. 13)

At Rosenheim Municipal Hospital Dr. Bernd Herzog awakens from his coma. Three weeks earlier he was violently attacked and is now pointing the finger at his colleague Dr. Kurt Weller. Detective Superintendents Christian Lind and Korbinian Hofer conduct their inquiries in the victim’s immediate circle. The first person they speak to is Elena Breisinger, the hospital’s administrative secretary. She tells them that on the day in question Dr. Weller was on duty. At the same time, the policemen learn that Dr. Weller and Dr. Herzog have both applied for the post of head physician. Did Dr. Weller assault his rival? Margit Herzog, the victim’s wife, and her lover, junior doctor Dr. Eduard Heinzen, are also among the suspects; in the detectives’ eyes, the possibility that they were in cahoots to get Herzog out of the way by no means seems far-fetched. This suspicion hardens when Lind and Hofer discover that Dr. Herzog was also having an affair, with nurse Martha Solenka. Since Margit Herzog would go empty handed in the event of a divorce, it begins to look like the cards are being stacked against the doctor’s wife. When Dr. Herzog dies suddenly, not only does this give the case a new twist; there are also some surprising new developments at police HQ. Head of police Achtziger announces staff changes: Felix Seitz, a controller from the Munich Ministry of the Interior, has been temporarily posted to Rosenheim.


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