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The Eagle – The Trace of CrimeCodename Sisyphos (Part 1 of 2)

DCS Hallgrim Hallgrimson, nicknamed The Eagle, is on his way home to Iceland to visit his dying mother when his plane is detained at Copenhagen Airport and he is put in charge of an intense operation. A police officer has been found murdered, and his service pistol is somewhere in the transit lounge. The police received a call with information where to find the body and a hint about a hijacking; the call ended with the mentioning of “Jihad”.
Using the airport CCTV system police discover that the killer has left the airport after passing on the pistol to two young Arabs. The presumed hijackers are traced to a jet taking package tourists to Lanzarote. On the same plane is Maja, the seven year old daughter of one of the Eagle’s ex girlfriends. Take offs are suspended.