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The Crimson Rivers

Inspired by Jean-Christophe Grangé’s bestselling novel of the same name, The Crimson Rivers is a thrilling eight-part series, which follows detective Pierre Niémans and his new partner as they investigate a series of gruesome crimes in remote regions of France.

A breathtaking and gripping eight-part series set in a world full of gruesome criminal cases, sadistic killers, creepy rituals and mysterious incidents. After the bestselling novel and the successful feature adaptation of The Crimson Rivers, author Jean-Christophe Grangé once again sends his fearless hero Pierre Niémans with a new partner at his side on a thrilling hunt for evil.

Whenever extraordinary, bizarre murders happen, Pierre Niémans and his partner Camille Delaunay are called on. The two experienced investigators work for the “Central Bureau for Violent Crime.” They are called out to all parts of France to solve complex cases which all involve a weird brutality far beyond the capacity of local police departments to respond. Their investigations happen to always involve them being thrust into a different remote region with impressive scenery and deeply rooted traditions.

Following the style of the novel, each investigation provides an opportunity to discover an aspect of French history or beliefs grounded in local culture. And each case has a mystical touch, based on regional myths or forgotten customs. However, the cases are always resolved rationally and comprehensibly. Just as Jean Reno in the feature films manages to establish a new cult hero, Olivier Marchal portrays a striking Pierre Niémans in the series.


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8 × 50′
4 × 100′
Produced by
STORIA TELEVISION in co-production with MAZE PICTURES for France Télévisions and ZDF in cooperation with ZDF Enterprises
Olivier Marchal, Erika Sainte, Ken Duken, Nora Waldstätten a. o.