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Tempeleps. 4

Skilfully stage-managed by Mark, the fire in Frau Lada’s flat causes turmoil in the red-light neighbourhood. When Mark decides to rejoin the boxing club, Sandra’s suspicions are aroused.

As a consequence of her frustration with Mark’s lying, Sandra walks out on her partner and seeks refuge with Mehmet. In the meantime, Milan discovers clues indicating Mark’s involvement in Goran’s disappearance. Seeking revenge, he sets his sights on Juni.

In turn, Juni is struggling to come to terms with her pregnancy and impending motherhood. She finally decides to seek advice on an abortion from a gynaecologist.

With Mark working in the boxing club again, it becomes clear that Jakob views him as a successor because of doubts concerning the suitability for the role of his own son, Adrian. In view of a lingering attraction, Eva is likewise happy that Mark has returned to the fold. He also realises that he still harbours feelings for her.

Meanwhile, Milan’s deal with the city’s planning officer, Beate Puppe, becomes apparent. He is driving old tenants out of their flats to enable her to realise her plans to revamp the district and make it more attractive to wealthy buyers. In return, he is able to acquire lucrative building plots.


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1 × 30′
Produced by
Ken Duken, Chiara Schoras, Thomas Thieme, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Antje Traue, Michelle Barthel, Hiltrud Hauschke, Maximilian Brauer, Arnel Taci, Frederick Lau a. o.
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