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Potsdam Homicide

They may be polar opposites, but these two women aren’t just best friends, they’re also partners, working together to solve crimes in tranquil Potsdam, Berlin’s picturesque little sister.

Luna Kunath is single, strong-willed, and athletic, with a strong sense of empathy and the ability to think quickly on her feet. But in spite of all her experience and undisputed abilities as a detective, her penchant for naivety is always getting her into trouble. Sophie Pohlmann, on the other hand, is married and has a young son. She’s generally reserved, but when the timing is right, she’s willing to cut to the chase. Sophie seems more mature, but the desire for harmony and fairness that drives her can be her weakness – especially in tricky situations that call for decisive action. That’s where her childhood friend Luna steps in.

Luna and Sophie are part of a team led by boss Bernhard Henschel and includes Officers David Grünbaum and Christoph Westermann, medical examiner Werner Vense and forensics expert Thomas Brandner.


  • New
6 × 45′
Produced by
Bantry Bay Köln
Caroline Erikson, Katrin Jaehne, Michael Lott, Omar El-Saeidi, Hendrik von Bültzingslöwen a. o.