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‘Maltese’ tells the story of one man fighting the mafia. Commissario Maltese is a detective with good will in an immoral world. His motions, his eyes and his feelings become ours. His need for the truth in a world shaped by corruption and lawlessness is our need for truth. Because, in the end, only the truth will set us free – at least that is the only crucial point Maltese believes, even if this means he has to risk his life.

It is the story of an investigation driven by a murder case that turns into an even bigger case, involving mysterious disappearances and more murders, which lead the detective to uncover a complex system of corruption and lawlessness that sees assassins and criminals work alongside powerful and untouchable citizens above suspicions, some being no less than government figures.

During such investigation the detective risks his own life, colliding against assassins who had been sent to kill him. He sees friends and associates murdered and is on the verge of losing the woman he fell in love with.

At the end of the tunnel, a painful and unexpected truth awaits him – a truth which will not only be key in his investigation, but it will also unravel an important mystery from the past which had strongly affected him for as long as he can remember: the death of his father.


  • New
8 × 50′
4 × 90′
Produced by
Palomar SPA for RAI fiction
Kim Rossi, Rike Schmid a. o.
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