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A mafia crime series set in Sicily in the 1970s and inspired by real events, Maltese is a compelling new eight-part drama from Leonardo Fasoli and Maddalena Ravagli, creators of the international hit series Gomorrah.

"Maltese" tells the story of one man’s fight against the mafia. Commissario Maltese is a good-natured detective in an immoral world. We step into his shoes - empathising with his every choice and action. His quest for truth in the face of corruption and lawlessness becomes ours. His investigation starts with a simple murder that escalates to involve mysterious disappearances and further unlawful killings.

Assassins and criminals work alongside powerful and untouchable citizens and government officials. The detective encounters contract killers who have been sent to eliminate him, sees friends and associates murdered, and almost loses the woman he loves. At the end of his quest a painful and unexpected truth awaits - a truth that holds not only the key to his investigation, but also unravels a mystery from a past which has plagued him for as long as he can remember.


8 × 50′
4 × 90′
Produced by
Palomar SPA for RAI fiction
Kim Rossi, Rike Schmid a. o.
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