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KDDQuestions of Honour

Leo picks up Sylvia from the hospital. An apparently unbridgeable gap has opened up between them. Sylvia believes Kristin was right: they could have prevented Rahn’s death in the police station. She thinks you have to pay for everything in life, and now she has been punished. She is so convinced that Leo can't change her mind. 

A young mother called Susanne Jung brings her two-year-old son into the casualty department - and the doctor calls the police, because the child is displaying withdrawal symptoms, and there is evidence of bruising. When Susanne Jung and her husband turn up at the police station, it's quite apparent that there are serious difficulties in their marriage. But what Mehmet and Kristin finally discover behind this case is absolutely incredible. 

Jan comes into the station with Stieglitz in order to explain Sallek’s plan. Stieglitz has to appeal to his colleagues for help, because whoever is really pulling the strings behind Sallek, apparently a senior police officer, is watching his every move. The idea is to obtain a written statement from Sallek, with which he can go straight to the national Public Prosecution Office in Karlsruhe. Enders is reluctant but finally agrees. When Sallek gets in touch, they start to move. 

Androsch sets off in search of Han; he wants to find out exactly what sort of person Han is. When Han kisses Androsch he is shot by a marksman. The operation in the Gendarmenmarkt is set in motion, and everybody is here - except for Jan: Enders has excluded him, feeling that the risk potential is simply too high. Sallek appears, and Stieglitz takes charge of him. The officers from the CID are covering them both... when Jan comes staggering towards the group. He wants to warn his team about the marksman on the surrounding rooftops - but now gunshots ring out...


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