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Johan FalkSeason 3

Based on real cases, police officers, infiltrators and events, the special ops unit GSI in Gothenburg, and our show's characters, are all facing bigger problems and enemies than ever.
Johan Falk has not been able to sleep well for several years. A terrifying question is haunting him: how could the Estonian mafia find him and his colleagues so easily that day three years ago. Johan thinks he can get an answer when the widow of the leader of the mafia suddenly turns up. But instead, that is the start of a violent avalanche that will not only affect Johan Falk, but also his entire police group GSI, and it’s members and their families.

At the same time, other mafia groups around Europe start up operations that affect Sweden, especially the west coast. And organized crime is what the GSI works against so it all lands on Johan’s and his colleagues’ table. The GSI has to use their civilian infiltrators and informants and be more creative than ever with their sting operations.

And on top of that, GSI’s most successful informant the past couple of years, Seth Rydell, gets in trouble since most of his old gang members are released from prison. The original members want to increase the gang’s criminal activities, which Seth has tried to get away from the past few years. For the police, this is a nightmare. The Rydell gang has gone from three members to twenty-three over night. And they are a bunch of very hungry and efficient gangsters.

After awhile, both the GSI and the Rydell gang realize that they are all facing the same enemy. An enemy who up till now has been hiding in the dark and turns out to be more powerful and frightening than any criminal organization we have seen before.

This season consists of five TV-movies, all with their own primary case. But we also follow our characters – police officers, gangsters, their families, and informants on both sides – thru the season, to the big finale in the final film in this final season.


5 × 90′
Produced by
Strix Drama AB
Jakob Eklund, Joel Kinnaman, Mikael Tornving, Jens Hultén, a. o.
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