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Hide and Seekeps. 2

Shumov has a recurring nightmare: Two teenage boys run up the stairs of a building that’s still under construction. One of them falls off the balcony, dies instantly. This is actually Shumov’s memory. His twin brother died at 13 when they were playing in a building under construction.

Bondar’s death opened up Shumov’s old wounds. He doesn’t know how to tell his father about his partner’s death, because his father loved Bondar’, he reminded him of his late son.

The «Hide-and-seek» case is gaining even more attention because it now also involves a murdered police officer. Varta and Shumov feel the pressure to solve it instantly.

Varta disagrees with the official theory that the abductor killed Bondar’; there are too many inconsistencies. Shumov pays little attention – he’s obsessed with revenging his dead partner.

Shumov and Varta go to «The Church of Pure Birth». Varta questions the pastor who denies having anything to do with Alina’s abduction.

Shumov walks around the church. He sees a stranger who tries to run away from him. The police detain the pastor’s African American assistant, Andrew, who only confirms that he intended to talk Borovko into giving his daughter back to Sayenko. But he spotted cops around Borovko’s building and changed his mind.

Varta initiates the search of the building. A local online magazine reporter, Sergey Kipling, pays off a patrol cop to let him in if the police find anything. He secretly video records his conversation.

During the search the police find the apartment, where the girl was hidden. It belongs to Genady Kravchenko.

Kipling manages to take several pics of the apartment before getting thrown out.

Policemen detain Kravchenko who is ex-army and apparently rents out his city apt. His last tenant was – Anatoly Usenko. There is an immediate warrant put out for Usenko’s arrest.

News of the girl’s abduction and the police officer’s murder is aired on TV. The press immediately ties the two events together. Usenko, who is a stage hand for a popular singer named Didi watches the news on his phone.

When the police return to the department, everyone - including Goray - receives a text message reading «Find me» along with hyperlinks. The links lead to a real time video of Alina. In her hands she holds a sign saying «50 24». The police are unable to track the ІР address of the website.


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1 × 50′
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Yulia Abdel Fattakh, Pyotr Rykov, Vyacheslav Dovzhenko, Aleksandr Kobzar, Mikhail Troynik
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