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Hamburg Homicide

This exciting new crime drama series follows the special law enforcement unit Hamburg Homicide which is set in an old brick building on the outskirts of Hamburg on the River Elbe. The eclectic team investigates murders and other crimes across federal state boundaries in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and Lower Saxony. The three very different states in North Germany are all connected by the river. And since the Elbe often provides the fastest transport route to crime scenes distributed across the wide territory, the officers have a speedboat permanently at their disposal.

In the series pilot, an attractive woman falls from an apartment high-rise. She survives but has no memory of the incident.

In the second episode, an apple farmer is found dead in a warehouse, however, it quickly becomes clear that it wasn’t an accident, and the murderer must be from the area.


  • New Episodes
6 × 45′
  • 4K
Produced by
Network Movie Hamburg
Mirko Lang, Anna von Haebler, Marek Erhardt, Arnel Taci, Kathrin Angerer