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Brother - Dark Threat

With her job as a Hamburg police woman and her German husband, the German-Turkish Sibel (Sibel Kekilli) could not feel better integrated in society, while her younger brother Melih feels the opposite way. Always being considered “the Turkish guy”, he lacks the feeling of acceptance and does not know what to do in life. Even though he finished school with good grades, he uses his IT-knowledge for criminal activities. When his friend Tobi is more and more attracted to Salafism, Melih ridicules him at first. However, the longer he lacks orientation, the more interested he gets in these ideas, too. Finally, Tobi and him disappear and plan a terror attack under the leadership of the charismatic Baris. When Sibel is informed about this by the authorities, she tries immediately to get Melih out of the Salafist environment, risking everything: her career, her family, her life.


  • New
4 × 45′
Produced by
Aspekt Medienproduktion
Sibel Kekilli, Yasin Boynuince, Bjarne Mädel, Rouven Israel, Friedrich Mücke, Tim Seyfi, Hürdem Riethmüller, Tauhida Abd El-Latif, Thorsten Merten