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Summertime Madness

"Summertime Madness" takes a sometimes sideways look at serious questions prompted by the synchroneity of a mid-life crisis and a coming of age. It is summertime in smart suburbia. Frank, married with two children and in his mid-forties, gets to know Sascha, his 19-year-old neighbour. Both are very unhappy with their current lives and looking for an escape.

Frank’s wife Carmen has been cheating for some time, and he receives little respect from his children or the employees in his company. He contemplates suicide as an escape. Then Sascha enters his chaotic world. Her sense of emptiness and isolation originates from a future for her that has been mapped out by her parents, but which she does not wish to pursue. As the daughter of a well-off family, the world is her oyster, but she only wants to be acknowledged for who she is.


  • New
6 × 30′
Produced by
Dreamtool Entertainment
Marc Ben Puch, Laura Berlin, Lisa Martinek, Josef Heynert, Runa Greiner, Jannis Schmidt, Fabian Busch, Hans-Peter Hallwachs a. o.