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Nothing SeriousThree Lies and One Truth

Werner the TV producer has invited Jonas and Wiebke back to his office. He’s interested in a show they wrote. The young writers jubilantly envision their masterpiece "Big in Berlin" really going places. But Werner has an old project in mind, and neither Jonas nor Wiebke can remember anything about it. When they can’t find the file on the laptop, they start hunting for it frantically. They only have till the end of the week to produce a screenplay for the show.

Lennart has not had sex for five years. On his anniversary of frustration, the attractive Silvia from Mannheim pays a visit to his café and things seem to take a turn for the better. When Basti joins them, it transpires that Sylvia is his rich aunt. Having given him money to set up his own café, she’s now come to see results. But Basti invested the money elsewhere. To save his own skin, he claims Lennart’s café as his own, and his friends play along with more or less enthusiasm.

Jenny introduces the group to the YouTube star and her new boyfriend, Benno. Her friends can see that the match is definitely not made in heaven. Jonas is torn. On the one hand, it’s never a good idea to get involved in friends’ relationships. On the other, he believes that poor defenseless Jenny needs his protection…


1 × 30′
Produced by
ITV Studios
Sebastian Fräsdorf, Josefine Preuß, Tim Kalkhof, Marie Rathscheck, Dirk Martens
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