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The Dream Voyage CollectionSpecial: Kilimanjaro

This time, the "MS Deutschland" takes its passengers into the enchanting world of the Indian Ocean and the Maldives, with their palm groves, sandy beaches and crystal-clear lagoons. The voyage then continues on to Mount Kilimanjaro, a world nature landmark and Africa's highest mountain. A stop in India concludes this unforgettable tour.

This particular "MS Deutschland" cruise is very special for a different reason, however: on board are several passengers whose fates are interwoven in a fascinating manner...

The pivotal figure here is Philipp Bernauer, an old friend of the captain's who has decided to reorganize his life after a long and serious illness. He wants to take advantage of this wonderful cruise to thank several people who played a major role in his life at some time in the past, and to ask others for forgiveness. This is why he has skillfully managed to bring these people together on the "MS Deutschland" without their suspecting who is behind it. Little by little, Bernauer plans to reveal his true motives to his guests. His plan seems to be working – but is his own life about to take a new and unexpected turn?

Katrin and Lara Kriegel are two sisters with a considerable difference in age who believe they've been invited by their mother, who lives in a lodge at Mt. Kilimanjaro. They suspect she wants them to come and visit with her. But when they encounter Philipp Bernauer, they soon realize that there are more surprises ahead that might very well change their lives...

A young and pretty nurse has been assigned to work as Dr. Schröder's assistant on this voyage. Dr. Schröder is smitten with her from the very first minute – and his interest grows when he learns that she has accepted the job in order to find some peace of mind after the bitter end of a relationship. Neither she nor Dr. Schröder suspect that Philipp Bernauer is also behind this arrangement.

Victoria Stein, the young daughter of an innkeeper couple, is doing her training year on the "MS Deutschland" and expects to see her parents on board. Erika and Joachim Stein are returning from their native Germany to their luxury hotel in the Maldives. Only the crew knows that Victoria has fallen in love with Dennis, the dream ship's main chef. Victoria is afraid that her mother will find out, since the critical, status-conscious woman will not tolerate someone as lowly as a chef for her daughter.

Captain Paulsen also has a special task to fulfill on this voyage. The shipping company has asked him to make sure that Beatrice's 25th anniversary on the "MS Deutschland" is celebrated adequately. Captain Paulsen and Dr. Schröder must resort to a number of ruses to find out from Beatrice what would make her really happy. But this only makes everything worse...


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