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Lena LorenzVanished without a trace

As a midwife, Lena has more than her share of work to do. But when the Draxlers’ newborn is kidnapped, she’s called upon to take care of the parents in a whole new way.

Accusations abound. Lena, too, is horrified at the turn of events, yet she suspects there’s more behind the abduction. Suspicion lands on Kathrin Draxler’s best friend, Ines Fischer, who, it turns out, is a frequent visitor. Recently, she’s been talking about a new boyfriend ­– though no one seems to have met him yet.

While the search for the missing baby rushes on at full speed, the Lorenz farm finally finds some peace. Eva has decided to embark on a business partnership with Bastian, who’s ambitiously working on a business plan to show the bank. And though his practicing habits might grate on the family’s nerves, Grandpa Leo has rediscovered his passion for playing the bugle. And then there’s Schorschi’s friend David, who’s temporarily stranded in Himmelsruh. He keeps turning up at the Lorenz farm. Is it happenstance? Or by design?

Lena is skeptical, but Eva can’t help but like this unconventional fellow – who happens to be quite attractive to boot. One night, a jealous Vinz Huber confronts Eva. And while her mother’s actions also take Lena by surprise, she chooses to remain impassive – especially since she and Julia have just had an emotional reconciliation. But whatever chaos there may be at home, nothing can compare to the drama unfolding at the Draxlers’, where a ransom note has raised the stakes to new heights.


1 × 90′
Produced by
Patricia Aulitzky, Eva Mattes, Fred Stillkrauth a. o.
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