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Lena LorenzLife's Dream

Anja Schumann wants to finally fulfil her dream of offering guided bike tours across the Alps. But shortly before the start, Lena Lorenz finds out Anja is pregnant.

Impossible – she’s almost 50 and already has three adult children. In addition, she only just founded “Lady Biking “ with her girlfriend Tine. What should she do now? Lena knows Anja will have to decide quickly.

But Anja can’t bring herself to talk to anyone, neither with her husband Thomas nor with Tine. She only trusts Lena with her situation, who tries to give her courage.  After all, she’s not alone with the child. But Anja knows that everything will end up on her plate - just like all the years before. As a successful partner in a law firm, Thomas spends entire days in the office. And some years might pass before the child is big enough for Anja to start leading tours again.

Lena and Quirin, on the other hand, are on the right track. The two are in love and, much to Eva’s chagrin, like to curl up in the freshly made beds of the new holiday flat. But when Quirin wants to take Lena to meet his parents for the first time, she gets cold feet.

Rosa, Quirin's ex-wife, eyes the couple critically. As her husband Markus is still in rehab after the climbing accident with Quirin, she depends on Quirin's support. Meanwhile at the Lorenzhof, there is plenty of work to do before the first holiday makers arrive. After the accident with the tractor, Leo hasn’t returned home yet. Basti, on the other hand, is already well again, but is somehow changed. He has decided to enjoy life more. Eva is basically fine with that, but Franz feels his boyfriend is forcing him to take time off.


1 × 90′
Produced by
Patricia Aulitzky, Eva Mattes, Fred Stillkrauth a. o.
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