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Lena LorenzFrom Far Away

While Lena Lorenz continues to set up her new practice, Eva and Basti find themselves knee-deep in planning renovations for the farm. Meanwhile, Leo claims he’s seen a strange boy.

True enough, Anbessa has been eagerly exploring the farm. When Lena finds him wandering around on his own, she brings him back to his mother, Senait. Despite the fact that Senait is in her third trimester, she and her son have to stay in a crowded refugee shelter.

More and more refugees are arriving in Himmelsruh, and the shelter, while an inadequate and temporary solution, is the only building available to house the new arrivals. After Senait is rushed to the hospital with a serious infection, Lena and Eva invite Senait and Anbessa to stay at the farm so she can better recover.

In any case, Eva has been in a surprisingly good mood lately, largely thanks to David. He and Eva are in love, and Eva plans to join him on his travels, fulfilling a long-time dream. But not everyone is happy about Eva’s plans. Lena thinks now would be the worst possible time to leave the farm. Basti agrees, pointing out that the farm is in upheaval, that Eva is needed now more than ever. Tensions between Lena and Eva flare.

At the same time, Julia has been wrestling with whether or not to contact her estranged son. She’s worried he won’t want to see her.

It doesn’t take long before Senait and Anbessa are forced to return to the refugee shelter. As asylum seekers, they’re only allowed to live where they’ve been officially registered. Remembering Julia’s mention of a nearby monastery, Lena looks into converting the space into a better home for the refugees. Fortuitously, the building is for sale – the few remaining monks can’t handle the maintenance of the monastery alone. But much to her chagrin, Lena discovers that Vinz Huber is the one planning to buy the historic building. She’ll have to set aside her dislike of him if she wants to help the refugees.


1 × 90′
Produced by
Patricia Aulitzky, Eva Mattes, Fred Stillkrauth a. o.
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