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Lena LorenzAgainst All Doubt

When Annette Bering meets Lena Lorenz, the pregnant woman spontaneously decides to pick her as her midwife. Lena is a little surprised, because Annette is blind.

Annette’s mother Jutta is annoyed by her decision to go it alone. The original plan had been for Annette and her boyfriend Gregor to move in with her parents. But she wants to be independent. Lena admires her strength.  Then Annette suddenly shows up at the Lorenzhof.

She can’t stand her mother’s constant infantilising and has left her home after an argument. Since her boyfriend works night shifts as a radio presenter, Annette didn’t know where to go. The strong will of the blind woman to stand on her own two feet impresses Lena. On the other hand, Annette's impulsive, charming nature can be quite exhausting.

The next day, Annette decides to move in with Gregor. She does not want any contact with her parents. But Gregor secretly wonders how this is supposed to work. He will not be able to be there 24 hours a day for Annette and baby. Lena is also starting to see the writings on the wall. A blind mother, all alone with a baby, that probably won’t work.

At the Lorenzhof everyone looks forward to grandpa Leo's return from the rehabilitation centre. Upon his arrival, he is greeted by two very cheerful and attractive young women - the current holiday makers Caroline and Jana. The two think their holiday on the farm is cool, and Caroline in particular finds Basti pretty sexy. Unfortunately, he’s not attracted to women.

Eva decides to travel to Vietnam. She needs distance - especially from Vinz Huber, who, as a matter of course, intervenes in her life. Meanwhile, Lena is breaking her head over what to give Quirin for his birthday. She is beginning to doubt whether they have anything in common at all. Especially after Quirin goes climbing with her best friend Julia and they return from the tour in high spirits.


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