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Katie FfordeWhy Did I Say Yes?

New York lawyer Alicia Charles is about to get married to attractive John, as her “adopted family” – musician Will and little Linus – crosses her plans.

Alicia’s mother Jackie turns up unexpectedly. Alicia had broken off all contact with her but Jackie is seeking reconciliation and Alicia’s help as a lawyer. With motherly intuition, she recognises that Alicia does not only have feelings for her fiancé John.

Fate has moulded tough and successful lawyer Alicia, globetrotter Will and the wealthy heir Linus from “By Your Side” and “A Christmas Miracle in New York” into a reluctant patchwork family. In this final part of the trilogy with Ursula Karven the preparations for Alicia’s wedding to attractive lawyer John are in full swing. He secretly wishes Alicia would move out of the shared house with Will and Linus, and he would even be prepared to adopt Linus. But Will’s composing career has also taken off, besides, he’s just fallen in love. One thing is certain: for the time being Linus definitely needs both “foster parents” who now have to juggle their jobs, patchwork family, and love life.

Suddenly, Alicia’s mother Jackie appears out of nowhere, surprising everyone with her visit, supposedly wanting to help with the wedding preparations. Unbeknownst to everyone, the recently widowed elegant East Coast lady is broke. Her late husband was involved in shady dealings and had Jackie co-sign all documents. Alicia has to convince her mother to admit to her mistakes so as to avoid a prison sentence which could also endanger John’s imminent appointment as New York’s Attorney General. After her disappointments in childhood and subsequent relationships later in life the ever-controlled Alicia is struggling to take the next step. It is only at the very end that we find out who will be standing at the altar.


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