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Katie FfordeMatter of the Heart

Audrey is a Boston taxi driver whose passengers appreciate her quick wit and helpful personality. None of them would ever be able to guess that just a year ago, Audrey lost her 17-year-old son, Nicholas, in a car crash.

Though Audrey donated her son's heart – which thanks to a successful transplant now has a new owner – her son’s death has kept her far away from the inside of a hospital. Unfortunately for Audrey, that’s meant she’s had to give up her job as a nurse. Her boyfriend, Chad, wants to help.

A kind-hearted doctor, Chad is confident that Audrey can overcome her grief and start looking forward to a future – together – once more. In an effort to convince her that her son's death wasn’t in vain, he shows her the medical file of 19-year-old Ray, who would've died had it not been for Nicholas's heart. Audrey heads to Rockport to meet Ray.

During her visit with Ray's family, Audrey realizes with bewilderment that he's far from thankful for his new heart – instead, he seems hell-bent on risking his life at every opportunity. Mistakenly, he assumes Audrey is his new physical therapist, and his parents, Alex and Ivy, hire her before she realizes there's been a misunderstanding. But now that the wheels are in motion, she decides to keep the mix-up to herself.

The more Audrey gets involved in Ray's life, the more he seems to push back. Gradually, she comes to see that behind his tough facade, Ray struggles with the fact that he can't keep up with his peers. When he tries to impress a girl by leaping into frigid water, Audrey manages to save his life just in the nick of time.

As she falls deeper and deeper into a web of lies that soon entangles her personal life as well, she tries to come clean about the deception. And yet, she knows she has a lot more to offer the Gaynor family. When her fraud finally comes to light, she's forced to face the truth: She did a bad thing for good reasons. And this time, it's Ray’s turn to help her.


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