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Katie FfordeKatie Fforde - Summer of Witches

Gwen Reynolds, an unconventional prison chaplain is forcibly transferred for disciplinary reasons to a small community in New England. In Ipswich, the place that Gwen’s mother, who has passed away a long time ago, had left for unknown reasons, Gwen is supposed to support the aging Pastor Finlay. However, Pastor Finlay does not want help from anybody and Gwen has a hard time to find someone in the community who would let her rent a room. At least, fortune teller Stella lets Gwen stay with her. Gwen wants to leave this place as soon as possible until Finley reveals his hostile attitude towards Gwen’s mother. Now, Gwen’s curiosity is awakened and she is willing to find out her mother’s secret. She gets new insight of the community’s secrets and finds out that Finlay himself also is responsible for the mother’s expulsion. Furthermore, the conservative Finlay wants to prevent the planned Halloween festivities which were originally planned by Oliver Barrymore and his fiancée Michelle Stevens. When Finlay even refuses to marry the couple, Gwen decides to take on. Then, she finds out that the broom is a former prisoner who tries to create a civic life under a false identity. Gwen starts to doubt her profession as a priestess since she believes to bring discord. When she is about to leave Ipswich, she finds out about Finlay’s relationship to her mother.