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Katie FfordeDancing on Broadway

Dancer Skye Rhodan is just 36 years old and super fit, yet the prospect of her career ending is looming and she is forced to decide which direction to steer her life in next.

Skye doesn’t want to end up having to make do with second rate dancing roles just because of her age, so she decides to audition for the main role in a dance show being staged by her ex, Ryan, of all people.

To prepare for the audition, she takes on talented New York lounge pianist Michael Tandsom (42) as her coach. Michael’s job is to prepare Skye for the audition in a barn behind the restaurant owned by her adoptive parents Fanny (65) and Matt (70) in Poughkeepsie in the Hudson Valley.

Widower Michael is raising his two children alone, so they stay with him in Poughkeepsie while the pair rehearse. What’s more, Skye’s parents are in urgent need of help; her father is struggling with a bad shoulder, so her mother, Fanny, is working in their restaurant. Still, they would never ask Skye for help, being far too proud of their daughter and her dance career, which they are determined not to disrupt.

In spite of the difficult circumstances, Skye, with the help of the fun and charming Michael, manages to find a style of dance suited to herself, her unique story and Michael’s music. On a night out in a dance club, Skye realizes she has fallen for Michael, and is taking more and more of a shine to his two children. But just as the pair are getting closer, Skye’s mother collapses.

At that moment, her ex, Ryan, suddenly arrives on the scene. He ridicules Skye for her dance and imposes his own choreography on her, meaning she falls back into her old role as a dancing puppet. Michael clashes with Ryan, refusing to stand by and watch Skye abandon her career goals, so Skye turns away from Michael, before Ryan, too, disappears, when Skye declines his advances on an evening rendez-vous.

Now, Skye is ready to write the whole thing off, so it is up to her parents to embolden her not to give up, not because they cannot bear to see their daughter fail, but because they know how important it is for Skye to express her feelings through dance. In her own way, Skye succeeds at the audition with her piece. But is the lead role in Ryan’s play still what she really wants?


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Network Movie, Hamburg
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