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Katie FfordeBrother's Keeper

While Lauren Cahill makes ends meet taking pictures for a local Boston photography studio, her younger, autistic brother, Anthony, is looked after in the idyllic Morningwood home.

Just when it seems that Lauren finally has the chance make her dreams come true with the help of a prestigious photo competition, her father suddenly dies. Now her brother's only living relative, Lauren is suddenly responsible for his well-being.

Without any inheritance to speak of, Lauren cannot afford to keep Anthony in the care home on the east coast of Massachusetts, where he has been lovingly looked after. Lauren has no choice but to bring Anthony back to her small Boston apartment.

Living together is a tough challenge for the mismatched siblings. Lauren is overwhelmed: How will she juggle putting together a photo portfolio, earning money, and looking after Anthony around-the-clock? She quickly realizes that he needs rules and routine to give structure to his chaotic world. What's more, he can't be left alone for a minute without causing trouble or hurting himself: His habit of telling people exactly what he thinks gets him into trouble with Lauren's clients, almost costing Lauren her job. Anthony also annoys the misanthropic assistant to curator Jacob Abrahams, the man who has Lauren's future as a photographer in his hands.

The only place Anthony feels really at home is the café next door, run by Lauren's charming neighbor, Stephen. Here, the endearing regulars accept Anthony as he is. Lauren doesn't realize how much her brother has grown on her until things start to go wrong: Anthony seems to have ruined Lauren's competition photos before disappearing into the bustle of Boston after a huge fight. Then, in the nick of time, she and Stephan manage to rescue Anthony from a run-in with a street gang. Inspired by Anthony's view of the world, Lauren finally develops her own signature photography style. Does she stand a chance in the photo competition after all?


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