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Katie FfordeBella's Luck

New York real estate agent Bella Castle’s divorce passes amicably and peacefully. But Bella is disconcerted to learn that her ex-husband Mick is to be a father again.

She’s forced to admit that she’s struggling with the breakdown of her marriage and, taking her son Jayden, she seeks comfort in the cozy warmth of her parents’ house in the country. However, they have a surprise in store for her with their plans for the future.

Not only her divorce is a problem for her, but also the fact that their son Jayden has to switch back and forth between her and her ex-husband. Although she’s in dire need of the stability of the parental home, she’s horrified to discover that her parents Elisabeth and Benjamin Ross are no longer the harmonious couple they were. They plan to separate and sell Bella’s place of refuge, the beautiful house in Marblehead, New England, where Bella grew up. Seemingly both of them have fallen for the ploy of astute realtor Greg Petrosino, who talks elderly folk in the country into dubious deals, by which he acquires their houses.

Bella tries to put a stop to her dodgy competitor’s dealings and at the same time to mediate between her parents, and in doing so her own family situation becomes increasingly unbalanced. Mick’s pregnant partner Susan does all she can to win Jayden’s favor and the boy feels torn between his parents.

By finally succeeding in accepting the separation from her ex-husband, she is also able to accept the changes in her mother’s and father’s lives. Bella is on her own with that, though, as her parents aren’t quite done with their marriage just yet.

Provincial real estate agent versus city slicker realtor – the verbal blows between actor duo Diana Amft and Steffen Groth come thick and fast.

“Bella’s Luck” is a TV adaptation of Katie Fforde’s novel “The Perfect Match”. Bella Castle loves her job as a New York real estate agent and has a good sense for properties and people. She’s passionate about finding the perfect match for each of her clients - just not for herself.


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