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Katie FfordeA Friend in Need

Hasn't it crossed every woman’s mind at least once that it would be best to send all men packing and marry their best friend? Paula and Emily do just that.

Hotel owner and single parent Paula Atkinson and her impulsive friend Emily van Garden have known each other since high school and have always been able to depend on each other. When her love life goes wrong, therefore, Emily moves into Seaside Hotel and helps Paula out.

When Emily catches her fiancé Frank with another woman just days before the wedding, and Paula realises after a distressing doctor's visit that there would be no one to look after her nine-year-old daughter Lucy in an emergency, they have a “two friends against the rest of the world” moment and spontaneously propose to one another.

Not everyone responds positively to the news of upcoming wedding bells. Frank especially cannot come to terms with the fact that Emily won't give him a second chance.
Emily’s parents Linda and Douglas by contrast consider themselves to be incredibly tolerant, but are they really as liberal as they like to think?

Besides, Emily has to admit to herself that her feelings for Frank have not waned to the extent she is pretending they have. But she has promised Paula and is determined to stand by her promise. When Paula finally reveals a secret to Emily after the wedding, it leads to emotional turmoil.


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Network Movie, Hamburg
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