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Cecelia AhernMoment of Life

Lucy Silchester and Blake Lester are the perfect couple – that is, until Blake decides he would prefer to carry on with his life without Lucy. Subsequently, Lucy’s world falls apart.
She withdraws from her friends Adam, Melanie, Lisa and Jamie, watches Blake’s new TV show on the sofa and shares her food with her cat. Suddenly, she receives some mysterious letters, sent by her life. Lucy angrily agrees on a meeting.
Who is the secretive sender of the letters, and, above all, what does he want from her? Lucy’s life is a man named Cosmo, who has found fault with the way that Lucy is leading her life – or him. He claims she finally needs to start to reflect on what is important to her, and, first and foremost, stop lying to her colleagues, her family, her friends and, indeed, herself.
Lucy is indignant. She rejects these claims, but her attempts to prove to her life – Cosmo – how happy she is fail miserably. After an argument with her boss, Edna, who caught Lucy lying, she also loses her job. Things can’t get any worse for Lucy, and in her despair she makes a very bad decision. She tries to win back Blake, who has meanwhile become a successful author too. After all, it was when she was with Blake that her life was in best shape, she reasons.
Her brother Riley isn’t impressed, and Cosmo too takes a very different view. He tries to convince her of the contrary, in the form of the attractive, down-to-earth carpet cleaner, Don Lockwood, whose shop window Lucy has smashed with a feisty kick of a football. Don is spellbound, as is Cosmo. Yet his plan looks bound to fail. Lucy only starts to open her eyes when she makes a sad discovery about her neighbor Claire, has an argument with her father Samuel and sees her mother, Sheila, move out of the family villa. Then Lucy begins to see who she is and what and who should really play a role in her life.


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1 × 90′
Produced by
TV60 Filmproduktion for ZDF
Yvonne Catterfeld, Julia Richter, Sebastian Ströbel, Roman Knizka, a. o.
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