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Bella Bella Familia - Non-Returnable

Bella puts all her energy and enthusiasm into managing her newly regained family life. Her ex-husband Martin (Thomas Sarbacher) has moved to Munich for work, leaving Bella single-handedly looking after their godson Tom (Milo Maximilian Gabelmann) and daughter Lena (Lucie Hollmann), who has just started a demanding internship at a publishing house. On top of which, Bella continues to run her own physiotherapy practice Oasis, which since gaining a major customer has been performing very well. But this does not mean the end to all practical problems: Bella needs someone to take care of Tom while she works, and quickly, because the workload at Oasis is only manageable if she works full-time.

It is at this point that Bella’s father Friedrich (Peter Sattmann) makes an unwelcome return to Bella's life: He turns up at Bella’s flat in the middle of the night accompanied by two police officers and asking for a beer. She has no choice but to at least let her father in, even though she has a major unresolved issue with him: Friedrich, a passionate stage musician, charmer and rogue personified left his family when Bella was 12 to go on tour with his band. Bella’s wounds have still not healed, so she promptly throws Friedrich out of her flat again. Her sister Eva (Lisa Martinek) backs up her decision to draw a clear line under their relationship with their father. Lena, however, does not share their opinion: She is curious to meet the grandad she has no memory of and lets him into her life with open arms.

While Bella has to admit that throwing her own father on to the street is not as easy as she thought, and the desire for a relationship she never experienced weakens her resolve, Eva has her own, very serious problem: Her husband Rainer (Thomas Heinze) has been suspiciously happy of late. In Eva’s eyes there can be only one reason: Rainer is having an affair.


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1 × 90′
Produced by
Hager Moss Film
Andrea Sawatzki, Thomas Sarbacher, Lisa Martinek, Peter Sattmann, Lucie Hollmann, Katharina Nesytowa, Thomas Heinze a. o.
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