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Angel of JusticeBrothers for Life (eps. 2)

Dr. Patricia Engel, a former physician and lawyer specializing in medical malpractice law, is faced with two cases that call for her expert knowledge and empathy.

The first case involves Daniel Thomsen, the 15-year-old boyfriend of Patricia’s daughter Sarah. Daniel is supposed to save his older brother Jan’s life by donating bone marrow. But the boy vehemently refuses to take part in the operation. He has the feeling the only reason he was born was to heal his brother. And he doesn’t want to be a “warehouse” for spare parts. Patricia is supposed to represent him, and she gradually realizes why Daniel refuses to be part of the bone marrow transplant. His parents subject the sensitive boy to an enormous amount of pressure and realize very late that they are making a huge mistake by doing this. Patricia executes an ingenious chess move and this helps Daniel find the courage to finally make a decision.

In the second case, Patricia Engel represents Dr. Stefan Berwart, a physician working in a children’s cancer ward who has found his very own method to console his small patients and gain their trust. But the new administrative director doesn’t approve of his Bibo the Clown outfit at all. Berwart is ordered to not use the costume in the future. The operation scheduled to be performed on little Lisa Ströbel, however, weighs down on him so much that Dr. Berwart wears the costume and risks being fired.



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