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Angel of JusticeAngel of Justice (eps. 1)

The dramaturgical potency of the legal and medical professions has been exploited in countless movies and television series. In “Angel of Justice”, this fruitful interplay is united in one person for the first time, creating a whole new suspense-charged relationship. This opens up scenarios for strong storylines centered on the quest for truth and justice. The individual cases recount personal destinies and human dramas, frequently with a humorous twist.

Dr. Patricia Engel is equally competent wearing a white coat or black robes. She is at home in the operating theatre as well as in the courtroom. She is daughter, mother, wife, doctor and attorney rolled into one. Her work is everywhere where patients need to be treated and mistakes can be made. Hundreds of operations are performed, thousands of patients treated and millions of decisions taken in Germany every day. One slip of the hand, one wrong decision and this fine thread between doctor and patient can break. Dr. Patricia Engel’s mission is to find an equitable solution for both sides.

Two interesting cases and a turbulent private life see to it that Dr. Engel experiences and lives through everything life with her family – especially her domineering father Professor Brenner – the patients, doctors and hospital staff throws at her. Alternating between these two worlds is a challenge – on the personal as well as the professional level – and means Dr. Patricia Engel regularly falls between all stools. For she is committed exclusively to the truth and has but one aim: the pursuit of justice.


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