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Myth, Murder and MoorThe Tears of the Fishes (eps. 3)

Harry Ritter has spent 15 years behind bars for murder while raiding a jeweler’s store in Berlin. Now he returns back home to the Spreewald – to safeguard the hidden loot and make things up with his estranged son Matthias.

But Matthias has quite different concerns: together with Inspector Krüger he is investigating his first murder case as public prosecutor. The day after Harry’s release the body of a private detective was found shot dead on the banks of the Spreewald Canal. The dead man is an old acquaintance: Eber, a former accomplice of Harry’s. Then Schlange, the third member of the pack, also turns up demanding his share of the stolen jewels.

Sociologist Sandra, who has fallen in love with Harry, wants to start a new life with him far removed from the old conflicts. And Matthias’ wife Mona is keen to reconcile her husband with his father Harry – especially since she feels sympathetic towards the unexpected homecomer and Mäxchen, her and Matthias’ young son, happily and proudly accepts his hitherto unknown grandfather. Harry is torn between the bitter consequences of his criminal past and the dream of a new beginning in the bosom of his family. Inspector Krüger guesses at the dark secret behind the young prosecutor’s strange behavior. Old wounds are reopened. When Mäxchen disappears from a Halloween party and the search operation in the night-time moor is fruitless, Matthias has no choice but to team up with his father. Can Inspector Krüger avert a catastrophe?


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Aspekt Telefilm
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