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DenglerThe Twelfth Day

Jakob Dengler has vanished. His father, private investigator Georg Dengler, had no idea that his son was an animal rights activist on a risky mission. An appeal for help from Olga, a mysterious hacker from Berlin, comes at an inconvenient time, but he owes her and, in a daring move, he rescues her from her pursuers from the Federal Crime Office. The two of them set out to find Jakob. He was last seen on an industrial farm. While Dengler tries to help Olga go into hiding, Dengler’s ex-wife Hilde keeps at him because she is worried about their son, who is working as an investigator for an animal rights organization with his friends Cem and Laura. The three of them have stumbled onto other dark deeds while researching the bloody business of intensive farming: the brutal exploitation of Romanian temporary workers. Olga and Dengler find horrible videos showing suffering animals on Jakob’s computer, along with leads pointing to the king of intensive farming, Carsten Osterhannes. If the young activists have gotten in his way something sinister is behind their disappearance, because this giant of industry doesn’t mess around. Dengler and Olga go to Brandenburg, near the Zemke family farm, where they last tracked Jakob’s cell phone. But the Feds are hot on his heels in pursuit of Olga. Dengler’s ex-Federal Crime Office boss Dr Müller, puts him into a predicament: if Dengler wants him to help rescue his son he needs to deliver Olga to Müller – does Dengler have a choice?


1 × 90′
Produced by
Bavaria Fernsehproduktion in co-operation with Cuckoo Clock Entertainment
Ronald Zehrfeld, Birgit Minichmayr, Ernst Stoetzner, Jenny Schilly, a. o.
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